Am I hungry, sad or bored?
- an eternal story by me

Okay but I wondered
did the incident with the children and the bite happen in the same year (1987)?


mmmmblocking out the haters


i was trying to do something motivational and assuring but then i remembered what kind of character freddy was.

at least he did part of it right


I was watching Soul Eater and I noticed something very familiar about the third ending credits. Bones borrowing it’s own ideas in the 4th ending of FMA?


Fun fact kids! If you click Freddy’s nose on the Celebrate! poster in your office, it actually makes a squeaky noise!!

So I just imagined him trying to attack me but squeaking his nose actually makes him embarrassed or something haha! It’s kinda cute

Originally gonna be a 3 panel comic but I think it’s short n sweet like this c: Gets the idea across!


foxy’s revenge

totally worth it

I believe my favourite version of the harmless!AU is Mike being a rather old guy already that has no one and not exactly anything left to lose, and has given up on a good life and his faith in humanity a long time ago.

Seeing how he is never smiling or happy altogether the bots, still with the mindset of children, try to cheer him up, play with him at the arcade or just keep him company with how the only thing waiting for him after the shift is over is an empty and cold apartment.