During my year outta town I forgot that my parents and sister eat out nearly every day without inviting me ughhh


Take photoshop away from me


most people think McGucket wrote the journals but we’re gonna get to the episode and its gonna be like



Comic #013 “Mabel’s Marvelous Stickers (Patent Pending)” 

Eyeronically, I am marginally afraid of eyes and my eyes hurt from drawing the second panel but A while means a week apparently. 




Kids playing with a water hose during coast guard demonstration.

the longer I look at this the harder I laugh

I like how nobody really seems concerned

welp the taurine inducted phase of concentration is gone and I’m not halfway done


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HHHH my mabel photos are online but I have other stuff to do before I can edit them and put them on here yyyyy

Getting home at 8 PM on a monday after a 12 hours day to be greeted by approximately 30 pages of work to catch up with. If I die blame Red Bull aren’t they currently sued somewhere for their “it gives you wings” slogan? Since you know it. Doesn’t transforms you into some bird/human beast like in the spots. And someone got upset about that from what I heard lmao